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Kosiv is a picturesque little town in Hutsulshchyna — the land of high Ukrainian Carpathians mountains, torrents and fresh air. The town is over 500 years old and is a district seat of Ivano-Frankivsk Region in Ukraine.

Kosiv is famous for its outstanding artists who not only create beautiful things, but also keep national traditions in embroidery, ceramics, weaving, forging, making wooden, linen and woolen things, pysankas. Kosiv region is really rich in talents — there is an artist almost in every house.

Kosiv was, is and will be a place to visit for everybody interested in ethnic roots of hutsuls or just involved with folk applied art and unbelievably beautiful and clean nature.


02.12.23 Publication «Jews of Kosiv — among the hutsuls».

19.01.23 Panorama «Gorod–Kosiv aerial».

07.10.21 Panoramic Kosiv.

15.03.21 Panorama «Dawn at the pond».

20.05.20 Panorama «Sokolivka village».

29.03.20 Panorama «Kosiv from Moskalivka».

12.02.19 Panorama «Aerial Kosiv».

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