Water Christening

There is a special religious service in orthodox temples — water christening. After service in church all people go to river where men has cut out cross and alter in ice. Here they hallow water putting cross in it and make public prayer. People keep Yordan water in house for all year. It not decay. Hutsul say — hallow water possess special properties: it cures, protect from evil spirits and helps turning away any troubles…

When coming home in the motning after church service you have to sprinkle every corner of your house with hallow water so harmony and peace will always be in your house.

Villages of Hutsulshchyna are famous for their, so called, ice towns. Here is a photos of such ice town in Old Kosiv village on river Rybnytsya.

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  • Ice town

    Ice town

  • Christ has arisen!

    Christ has arisen!

  • Ice arch

    Ice arch

  • Water christening in Hutsulshchyna

    Water christening in Hutsulshchyna

  • Water christening, Old Kosiv, 2006

    Water christening, Old Kosiv, 2006

  • Ice bell tower

    Ice bell tower

  • Ice cross and altar

    Ice cross and altar

  • Ice prayer house

    Ice prayer house

  • Ice church

    Ice church

  • Ice church

    Ice church

  • Inside ice church

    Inside ice church

  • Ice church cupola

    Ice church cupola

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