Hutsul festival XI

XI International Hutsul festival took place in Verkhovyna in 8–9th of September 2001.

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  • Hutsul folk clothes

    Hutsul folk clothes

  • Old wooden hutsul church

    Old wooden hutsul church

  • Hutsul folk dances

    Hutsul folk dances

  • Hutsul musical instruments

    Hutsul musical instruments

  • Hand-made foreman embroidery

    Hand-made foreman embroidery

  • Hutsul’s hospitality

    Hutsul’s hospitality

  • Hutsuls in folk clothes with axes

    Hutsuls in folk clothes with axes

  • Musicians in folk clothes

    Musicians in folk clothes

  • Festival stage in Verkhovyna

    Festival stage in Verkhovyna

  • Folk performance

    Folk performance

  • Festival attractions

    Festival attractions

  • Hutsul festival emblem

    Hutsul festival emblem

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