Kosiv district — land of tourism and recreation

…land of high mountains, impetuous rivers, pure air, hard-working people. Beauty of natural landscapes, rich flora and fauna, unique natural ecosystems with the extinct species, and national customs and traditions as nowhere in Ukraine attract numerous tourists.

Malanka — hutsul winter traditions

Kosiv district — the pearl of Gutsul land — is hospitable for every traveller, gives the fiest for body and soul during all seasons of the year.

The main assisting factors are:

  • climatic conditions;
  • rocks, caves, mountain tops, pure rivers, waterfalls, lakes, springs;
  • favourite dishes such as kulesha, banosh, guslyanka, brynza, vurda, mushrooms — they are not just very tasty but also healthful and ecologically pure;
  • legends and songs about natural monuments (Dovbush’s Stone, Town (Castle) Hill looking as the crown of the Kosiv centre, Written Stone);
  • touristic and recreation centres;
  • the places of mineral springs. Mineral waters «Kosiv water», »Sheshory water», «Arshytsa», «Ivanka», «Sokolivchanka», «Smodnyansk water» that are included in the State Standart of Ukraine are made here.

There is a lake on the place of old salt works, near the factory «Gutsulschyna». It’s recreation characterics are equal with those of Solotvyno Lake and Israil Lake at the Dead Sea. Near the mountain Zinyakiv Verh (Sopka) there is a hydrohen sulfide spring. The waters of this spring are used for treating stomach deseases, psoriasis and other illnesses.

The Sheshory waterfall (5 m), the waterfall on the river Rushir (4 m), Pistyn salt well, Utoropy salt springs are believed to be hydrologic monuments of the Kosiv district. The district has three nature reserves. These are the Swan reserve with high-mountain lake (11 meter depth), Khomyn reserve with 100-year old beech-trees and the Gaj reserve with 100-year old forest of white fir-trees and silver-firs.

The dendrologic park named after Tarnavsky in the village Smodna has a unique collection of trees and bushes collected from all over the world by doctor Tarnavsky in the past century.

Hutsul Easter

Here visitors can see traditions connected with Easter, Christmas, St. Juri’s day, St. Ivan’s Day that were saved from the ancient times.

During Kosiv fairs you will be charmed by the wood works, embroidery, ceramics and other local crafts works. And all these things are made by folk masters whose inspiration is inexhaustible.

Original hutsul clothes

The major part of the district belongs to the National Nature Park «Gutsulschyna». About 60 geologic and hydrologic monuments, numerous species of flora and fauna, valuable landscapes are preserved here.

Beauty of different kinds of forests meet the tastes even of the most exigent artists, especially in autumn.

Carpathian nature

Many flora and fauna species that belong to the Red Book are saved here. Among then are Carpathian deer, golden eagle, mountain arnika and many others.

There are also place for the appreciators of the extreme water tourism on the impetuous waters of the river Cheremosh. Swimming in the mountain river will leave unforgettable impressions of natural water massage.

Water extreme rafting

The Kosiv district is rich in folk art museums. They are the Kosiv National Museum of Gutsulschyna Folk Art and Mode of Life, Museum of Liberation Competitions, Art-Literature Museum of the Boruks, private collection of M. Jusypchuk, private collection of M. Strutynsky (embroidery, paintings), private collection of women’s adornments of G. Bogdan and others.

Among the historic and cultural monuments of the region we find the Church of the Ivan Baptizer (1912, Kosiv), Vasyliv Church (1895, Kosiv), the Church of God Mother (1623, Pistyn).

Hutsul folk dance

Only here you can hear charming Gutsul musicians and eat unique figures made in cheese that also can be saved as souvenirs.

Visiting this place is interesting in any season of the year. Local inhabitants are always glad to welcome new visitors and are ready to organize catching active rest for everybody!

Note Beauty of natural landscapes, rich flora and fauna, unique natural ecosystems with the extinct species, and national customs and traditions as nowhere in Ukraine attract numerous tourists.
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