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Kosivshchyna… It’s a picturesque corner of Hutsulshchyna. It’s beauty is a beauty of contrasts in different seasons of the year. Summer is quite good for walking, swimming, traveling by car or bus, winter — for skiing and ski-jumping. Walking along the mountain paths you will feel rather comfortable.

The guides can give you an opportunity to get acquainted with history, traditions and customs of Hutsuls and to see how people lived a long time ago. You can taste their traditional dishes. You can see their traditional costumes. You will see nowhere, but here, impressive rocks and mountains, rapid streams and fascinating flora.

Here is a list of excursions:

  • This route is 5.5 kilometers long. It lasts for 2.5 hours. It starts from the tourist complex «Carpatsky Zori» and goes to the Kosiv forest area. You will walk along the bank of the Rybnytsya River.
  • Sokilskyi Range. It is about 15 km long. It is situated between Rybnytsya and Cheremosh Rivers. What is of particular interest here? Picturesque sandy rocks. There are more than 20 of them that remaine. Such famous people as B. Lepkyi, Y. Fedkovych, H. Khotkevych, M. Pavlyk, M. Vlad and S. Pushyk reached this range. If you feel like climbing, please, join us.
  • The village of Sheshory. You can have a look at the monument to Ivan Franko. You can meet the skillful weaver and needlewoman H. Vasylashchuk and see her works. You can admire the beautiful waterfall and take pictures.
  • Sokolivka. The village is rather interesting due to it’s architecture. Alongside of old-old houses is modern construction of fashionable brick houses and villas. The water mill “valylo” is particularly interesting for tourists.
  • A marvelous place for relaxation: benches, tables, water with the smell of sulphur. Everything is at your disposal.
  • Kosiv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts. It’s a unique educational and scientific center of Hutsulshchyna.
  • Kolyba (a kind of pub). You can listen to Hutsulian words, music which impresses with it’s richness. They will serve their favorite dishes: kulesha and banush, sour-milk, mushrooms, brynza, etc. These dishes are ecologically clean and health giving.
  • You can have a good time skiing on the mountain Mykhalkova. The length of the track is 1200 m.
  • You can get the bird’s eye view of the nice Carpathian region together with the five-hold champion of acrobatic Iryna Adabash.
  • Horse-sport club of the «Yavson» company, in the village of Stopchativ, will invite you for a ride, either in a refined coach or on the back of a thoroughbred race horse.

It’s impossible to innumerate everything that can be seen, visited and admired in Kosiv and our district. When you arrive here you’ll be sure that the proverb: “Seeing is believing” is quite true.

Enjoy your time!

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