Artistic Leather

Artistic processing of leather things has been on the high level for a long time in Hutsul region. “Tashky”, “tobivky”, “taistry” (right-angled, square and semicircular leather bags), “cheresy”, (broad leather men belts), “keptari” (men and women sheep leather sleeveless jackets), “postoly” (men and women foot ware), wallets, books, precious paper coverings, shaving cases and a lot of other household and domestic things with artistic decoration.

Hutsul leather postoly (shoes): poker-work, weaving, zhmurka.

As a results of ancient traditions and big experience a lot of methods of the leather things artistic decoration have been produced.

Hutsul leather handbad: weaving, stamping, sawing.

The most widely used is hot and cold pressure technique.

Hutsul pendents: zhmurka, catting.

Hutsul masters perfect leather thing forms greatly approaching them to modern aesthetic tastes. Sometimes they even use asymmetric decoration. Such thing please the eye, their forms are simple and very national at the some time.

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