Artistic Weaving

Weaving was tightly connected with every day mode of life of the Ukrainian people. It was considered the most honorable kind of women handicraft. It’s tradition was brought from generation to generation as the most precious treasure. It’s touching, beautiful and clever works discovery the unique emotional state of the people and keeps ancient experience. Good hand women covered woven fabrics by various patterns which were called “oberehy” to bring prosperity and welfare to the family.

Woman bad. Weaving, wool.

Satisfying practical and aesthetical needs, artistically decoration mode of life of the people works of artistic weave altogether with other kinds of decorative art are an important component of the ideological emotional means which from the surrounding in which a person lives, works and rests.

Hutsul sardak (jacket). Creative decoration.

Since the ancient times the Hutsul masters have known the secrets of natural dying techniques. That is why the ornament colors in Hutsul weaving have been preserved stable for a long period of time.

Hutsul Gobelin. Hand-made weaving, Wool, acril.

These weaved works of folk decorative art have become loved and recognized not only in Ukraine but abroad too. Their ancient images, stylized forms and dynamic motives contain, secret nature symbols, difficult events, of our history, unigueness of our mode of live, comfort and functionality, kindness and generosity of the people’s soul.

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