Hutsul Embroidery

Embroidery is often used as a decoration for men and women clothes, things of household use, in decoration of towels, pillow-cases, table-cloths, curtains and so on. In every family embroidery is an essential part which has come into the culture and mode of life of the people. Hutsul embroidery traditions have been brought from generation to generation. They have been enriched fields of popular creative activity.

Embroidery clothes

A variety of things where embroidery is applied is very big. It demonstrates people’s love to achievements of traditional artistic culture and their aesthetic tastes.

Embroidery handmade

The art of embroidery is widely used in making decorations, in new modern models of women and children clothes, in decoration of women bags and so on.

Embroidery table-cloth

Embroidery is successfully used in interiors of modern living accommodations, in people’s dwellings, places of culture, restaurants, relaxation rooms, hotels and so on. It brings specific festival and triumph to the mode of life.

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