Symbols in painting eggs

Zigzag, «khvylka», «vuzhyk» — are the symbols of the sky moisture which falls from the sky, that is the symbol of rain. The painting of a little comb and a lattle rake has the same meaning.

Still in the Neotit period there appeared the sign symbols of the sky, the dots inside of the circle were seeds that had to grow and the rays were rain streams. Concentric circles were the symbols of clouds. Later in the Paleolith period the Sun was marked with these signs.

  • Dot A dot is a spread sign on painting eggs. It is a symbolic sign of a growing seed.
  • Squares and rhombes Squares and rhombes are the soil signs of its fertility and rhombes symbolize ploughed soil.
  • Creek cross Straight the so-called Creek cross symbolized the God of the Earth in the peiod of Neolit and later it became the Sun symbol.
  • The combination of the straight and slanting cross The combination of the straight and slanting cross depicts the idea of the God of the Earth and the Sky Goddess unity. In the ancient India an octagonal star was the symbol of joining a man and woman origin and creation of a new life.
  • Rose Rose stars symbolize the Sun.
  • Syhma «Syhma» is a sign of asnake. It is the symbolic depiction of the anderground world God who in the from of a lightning calls rain from the clouds.
  • Zavytok «Zavytok» is a sign of vegetation.
  • Swastika «Swastika» was a conventional sign of the four parts of the world, the symbol of the Earth God in the period of Neolit. Later this sign symbolized the Sun, its movement along the year. Swastika is one of the oldest signs meaning goodness, wishing of happiness, preventing unhappiness.
  • Sheep’s horn The symbol of «sheep’s horn» is connected with the idea of every year revival of the vegetable kingdom deity.
  • A window plant «A window plant», «a tree» — is the depiction of the sacred tree of life, which reaches the Underground kingdom by its roots and the celestial sphere of Gods by its branches. The symmetry of the World tree means stopping of the chaos, formation of the relations between parts of the world.
  • Woman’s figure Women’s figures on egg paintings are the depiction of the Big Goddess, the Sky Goddess who presents life on the Earth and also takes people to the sky, sends the sky moisture — rain. She is the keeper of everything living on the Earth.
  • Deer A deer is a mythical animal which image is connected with the sun rise. According to the legend a Deer leads the Sun from the underground kingdom to the sky.
  • Fish Fish — symbol of health.
  • Bird Birds are beings who can fly up very high and rich the world of Gods. Birds are also considered to be the forerunners of spring.
  • Oak leave Oak leaves are the symbol of Perun the God of man’s sunny energy, development and life.

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