Kosiv National Museum of Gutsulschyna Folk Art and Mode of Life

From the old times Kosiv is called the center of the Gutsulschyna folk art. This is the place where the main craft branches such as wood carving, ceramics, art weaving and embroidery were concentrated and developed. Nowadays this unique and rich historical, art and ethnographical inheritance that is the part of our national culture is represented in the exposition and is preserved in the fonds of Kosiv National Museum of Gutsulschyna Folk Arts and Mode of Life. It presents the regional folk decorative art of the XIXth-XXth centuries.

Hutsul kozhukh and keptar

The collection of the works of the carving masters family of Juri, Vasyl and Mykola Shkriblyaky from Javoriv has the special value.

Part of exposure

The creation work of famous carving masters, members of the National Union of Artists such as Ju. Korpanyuk, V. Kabyn, I. Grymalyuk, O. Hovanets, I. Kocherzhuk and others is also represented.

Hutsul wooden paskivnyk

The original structure of the whole exhibition, rich in content excursions, consultations for experts and appreciators of folk arts give the opportunity to learn the original cultural and artistic history of this beautiful region better.


Nezalezhnosti str. 55
Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region
Ukraine, 78600



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