Yabluniv is a village of a town type. The town was founded on April 2, 1605 by Halych starosta Stanislav Vladko and at first it bore the name Vladkiv. It was purchased by Matviy Yablonovskyi in 1610 and renamed Yabluniv.

There are 1,787 inhabitants. It is 17 kilometres from Kolomaya and 16 kilometres from Kosiv.

Almost all enterprises are private. Some of them no longer exist.

There is a secondary school, specialized boarding sanatorium school for children that substained radioation poisoning, and a kindergarten. There is a hospital with 100 beds.

Mychailo Atamanyuk and Mykola Matijiv-Melnyk, the writers, were born in Yabluniv. Vasyl Kuryshchuk, the head master of Yabluniv School, described their lives.

Oksana Zatvarska, an honoured artist of Ukraine, Doctor of Science I. Solonenko and Zayachuk were born there. D. Pavlychko and Shevchenko, national Prize Winner, finished Yabluniv secondary school.

Monuments of history and culture are: the bust to I. Franko, memorial symbols in honour of V. Atamanyuka and Matijiva-Melnyka at the Yabluniv secondary school, and a cemetery monument to the fighters for freedom of Ukraine (1992, sculptor I. Koval), where lie buried the remains of 78 people tortured to death.


Yabluniv’s Magdeburg emblem
Yabluniv’s Magdeburg emblem
Ukrainian heraldry

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