The village stretches 12 kilometers along the river Rubnytsa. The distance from Yavoriv to the center of district is 11 kilometers. There are 2,425 inhabitants there.

The village is located on the slopes of mountains, 538 meters above sea level. The name of the village came from the name of the maple trees that abundantly grew in the village.

In written documents Yavoriv is mentioned for the first time in 1694 though the village existed much earlier.

There are interesting monuments to nature there: the rocks of Sokilski chain 939 meters above sea level, the picturesque rock «Holova Dovbusha» within the reservation «Limits Ternoshory», rapids and waterfalls in the river Rybnytsya, the remains of the maple groves, and natural gardens of herbs and rare plants. For that reason, interesting tourists routes were developed: «From Rybnytsya to Cheremozh» (over the Sokilskyi chain), «Center — Bukovets — Ternoshory», «Center — Stoyaniv — Ploskyi Maksymets — Pysany Kamin».

The inhabitants of Yavoriv, traditionally, were engaged in cattle breeding. The village grounds, as Yosyfinska birth certificate informed, are situated on the high mountains and rocks, hardly rewarding the work of the owner. Because of snow that falls early and lays long they cannot cut grass for hay only two times a season.

In the 30th and 40th years of the 18th century peasants of Yavoriv made the first attempts against serfdom. They took part in opryshkiv movement. According to people’s legend, Opryshky had a stand in Javoriv on the top of a mountain, which now bears the name «Stoyaniv».

In spite of hard living conditions, original art was developing in Hutsulshchyna. Since time immemorial mountaineers made cozy and warm clothes and ornately decorated useful items — in particular, wood carving and burning.

Yuriy Shkriblyak is considered to be the founder of Hutsul flat carving (1822–1884). The father’s skills were passed to his sons, Vasyl (1856–1928), Mykola (1858–1920), and Fedir (1859–1942). Wooden handicraft wares of the Skriblyak, decorated with carving and inlay were valued at numerous exhibitions. The masters were awarded gold and silver medals.

The artistic creative power of Yavoriv masters Yuriya, Vasylya and Mykoly Skriblyakiv sets the highest standards in the history of the development of Ukrainian flat woodcarving.

The other branches of well-known engravers were the sons of Ivan Korpanyuk, Yuriy (1822–1977), Semen (1894–1970) and Petro (1897–1961). Their mother Kateryna Korpanyuk, Yuriy Skriblyak’s daughter is a well-known embroideress and a woman weaver.

For esteemed contributions, into the development of decorative art, the members of the Ukrainian Painters’ Union, Yuriy and Semen Korpanyuk were given a title of Honored Masters of Folk Creative Power. Their masterpieces are exhibited in many museums of Ukraine as well as abroad.

Today in Yavoriv, the members of the National Union of Arts of Ukraine and Honored Masters of Folklore of Ukraine Vasyl Korpanyuk (1922) and K. Bilokur Prize Winner Dmytro Shkriblyak and others are fruitfully continuing the glorious engravers traditions.

Since long ago times the inhabitants of Yavoriv have been engaged in sheep breeding. That was the basic raw material for lizhnykarstvo (wool blankets).

With efforts of Yavoriv handicrafts-women, in the first half of the 20th century, lizhnyk was converted from a purely decorative manufactured article, into a high quality work of art. Last years, thanks to the cooperation of lizhnykarok with the professional painters of Kyiv and Lviv, occurred a real rennaisance of Lizhnyk.

New patterns are developed with the use of natural wool colours and tinges and nature colours are utilized. Yavorivskyi lizhnyk is a 100% ecological clean, handmade good and is medicative. Yavoriv became a real capital of lizhnykarstvo.

Note Since long ago times the inhabitants of Yavoriv have been engaged in sheep breeding. That was the basic raw material for lizhnykarstvo (wool blankets). Yavorivskyi lizhnyk is a 100% ecological clean, handmade good and is medicative.
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