The most marvellous region of Ukraine is the Carpathian Mountains. They have been attracting the writers, painters, scientists and common people, who are fond of healthy rest among the wild nature since ancient times. Not only Ukrainians from Lviv and other towns, but Russians, Poles, Germans came here with pleasure from second half of XIX century.

First three decades of XX century were the golden age of recreation and tourism in this region. Summer rest of the visitors in the houses of the residents became especially widespread. World War II and struggle of the totalitarian regimen with “unearned incomes” broke off that practice for a long period of time. Lately it is being revived in new forms of “agricultural”, ”green”, “ecological” tourism.

The Carpathians have prospects to become the region of popular rest, improving from a health point of view and tourism of all European significance. Kosivshchyna is one of the most perspective in this in this respect part of the Carpathians.

General information about the Kosiv district.

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