The Flora

The flora of Ukraine is rich with nearly 30 thousand types of vegetation — from seaweed to mushrooms, from grass to trees. The forests take up 14% of the whole territory of Ukraine and the stocks of wood are plentiful. Pine and deciduous trees, like oaks, dominate the forests. There are many types of flowers and herbs in Ukrainian forests, fields and mountains.

Natural vegetation resourses are widely used as a base for animal farming, hunting, production of honey and various medicinal herbs.

Flora of Ukraine. Photo: ChyzhIn Carpathian mountains

As a result of human intervention and management the flora of Ukraine was changed considerably, but the system of natural preserves and parks is developing further and further to control the process and preserve the natural wealth.

Some of the best-known natural preserves include one on the river Dunai (founded in 1988), Medobory (1990), Polisskyy (1968), Yaltynskyy (1973). A famous biosphere preservation project is Askania-Nova (1921) and national natural parks Azovo-Syvaskyy (1957), Shatskyy (1983) and Synevyr (1989).

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