Pearl of Hutsulshchyna

The current generations of Ukrainians are the great-grandchildren of serfs and grandchildren of peasants who were more or less poor. Serfdom was abolished in Western Ukraine in 1848.

Ukraine was not very beautiful. Oh, the countryside was beautiful, but the living wasn’t anything you could boast about. There was too much suffering.

But in the independent Ukrainian State there have been constant changes taking place.

Happily we live in a land whose inhabitants are as free as the air they breathe. I would remind you that we are citizens of a country in which there is no position to which you may not hope to attain. Ukrainian’s national anthem is sung and this is the will of hundreds of thousands to have one path, one flag.

In our picturesque land, on Hutsul Land, there are so many places to visit and to see!

Kosiv. Photo: Roman PeCHYZHak

Welcome to my native Hutsul town, Kosiv, and you’ll learn it’s ancient history, breath the fresh air of the Carpathians that you have never breathed, sit by the crystal clear water of the streams and rivers. I’m sure that you’ll like the whitewashed houses with many trees, of all kinds, growing, both those that are pleasant to the eyes and those that are good for food-blossoming pears, plums, cherry trees, and native grass.

You’ll meet with the best people and see their wood-carving and folk costumes. Fine artistic taste is stressed in almost all the works. You will also see how my people decorate their clothing. I think that kiptars, linen blouses, woolen trousers, and postoly will be the prettiest you have ever seen. I’d like to say that there are so many places to visit and see in my Kosiv.

It’s a bazaar! The smell of hot kovbasa! Middle-aged women demonstrating how pysankas are made, kids in Ukrainian style embroidered shirts, and Hutsuls in their white shirts and wide belts with the eyes that are the colour of the streams. And how they dance! I always wanted to be a boy so I could dance like that. A young girl in costume comes forward and sings a song, Ridna Maty Moya. People wipe their eyes. They have a Ukrainian soul.

Kosiv is the center of Hutsulshchyna situated in a picturesque part of the Carpathian Ukraine. It is famous, first of all, for it’s people as skillful craftsmen who render the beauty of the Carpathian land in their wood-carving and embroidery that becomes the object of keen admiration, not only in my country, but also far beyond it’s borders. Everyone can’t but admire the beautiful souvenirs, Hutsul costumes, and traditions, which are observed in my homeland. Sometimes my town is called a natural and unique open-air museum. Here we can see traditional folk architecture cottages and wooden churches.

Names are fun in town, especially names of places. «Hook», Mikhalkova Mountain, and the hiding holes Dovbush. During the ages there exists the myth about our national hero Dovbush and sometimes people believe in myths more than in reality. So is the people’s soul.

You may have seen the waterfall Hook. It is the largest waterfall in Kosiv. You can hear the rushing (noise) of it’s waters falling over the rocks into the Rybnytsya River, a lovely good river with clean water.

I like the giant mountains around the town. Kosiv is famous for scenery of breath-taking beauty. High mountains surround the town with many firs, pines, and other trees that reveal themselves in all their beauty and richness in every season of the year. I have come here to the hills hundred times before, and I know everything, every fallen tree and ravine. I breathe deeply the mountain air, clear and fresh. I advise you to come to Kosiv in winter when we have our holidays. You will also see snow. It’s not a dirty snow. It’s clean, soft snow that rests like a blanket over the entire state. There is snow on everything; the trees, the houses, the roads, the fields and even the people if they stay outside long enough. The air is clear and crisp and the river is frozen.

But it is warm in the room. The family assembles for meals containing kulesha and milk. But better to see once than to hear twice.

Maybe you would like to see the beauty and richness of our trees and flowers in spring when they rise before our eyes in all their majestic natural beauty or you would like to bathe in the mountain stream of our river, Rybnytsya.

You will be welcomed to cultivate the plants in the people’s gardens near their homes. They grow flowers and other plants to beautify their homes and yards. The flowers bloom during all seasons.

Kosiv is not very large but it is very hospitable and it is forever connected with the history of our Motherland. It remembers Oleksa Dovbush, Ivan Franko and Vasyl Stefanyk.

Kosivchany creates the beauty of the town and constitutes the glory of Ukraine.

Love your country, believe in her, honor her, work for her, live for her, and die for her.

O. Y. Boyechko
Regional English methodologist
Note Kosiv is famous, first of all, for it’s people as skillful craftsmen who render the beauty of the Carpathian land in their wood-carving and embroidery that becomes the object of keen admiration, not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond it’s borders.
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