Small Paradise

Kosiv… The Carpathians… It’s my land, it’s my home. My heart, my soul is here. I grew up among the picturesque views, and among the beautiful green mountains and hills. Everything is dear to me in any season. It’s a unique land. How do I say, “A small paradise?” I think because of it’s natural beauty. Crystal-clear waters, fascinating flora, fresh air and the magic smell of summer grass — isn’t it amazing?

Carpathians nature. Photo: Roman PeCHYZHak

You can stay here all year enjoying the time. Picturesque and diverse scenery can be found here. If you are in love with nature, you must surely wish for a place of your own in this most wonderful and spectacular corner of the Carpathians.

Keep your eyes open and you will see that only natural materials are used in the construction of the colorful houses here. You can’t but admire their beauty. You can get acquainted with many skilled craftsmen, living here, and their work. Also, they are famous for their Hutsulian songs and quick-moving dances. They can sing you these local songs and tell you a lot of local legends.

The Carpathians provide many opportunities for rock-climbers, walkers, skiers and horse-riders. Being here you can enjoy wildlife, plants and trees.

You are welcome to our Hutsulian Land. I’m sure that it’s magic nature will help you feel healthy, happy and delighted.

O. Kydanovska
Kosiv School No. 1 English language teacher
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