Art skill

Kosiv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts as a unique educational and scientific center has been forming on the basis of the traditions of folk art of Hutsulshchyna.

Art skill

The history of it’s foundation is connected with 1882. The handicraft weaving school has developed into the higher professional artistic institution. During many decades owing to the professional work of the pedagogic collective of several generations a peculiar regional ethno-artistic school was founded.

Today the institute is a multiprofile higher artistic institution, which carries out the training for the spesiality and education of national personnel of artists in the branch of artistic woodwork, metalwork, artistic leather-professing, artistic weaving, embroidery and dress-modelling, artistic ceramics painting. Each of the structura sections is a scientific-methodic center, which ensures the qualifield level and sphere of the professional activity.

The collective have taken part in one man shows, collective exhibitions of creative works, regional, Ukrainian and international exhibitions, in particular, in the USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, France and other contries.

The pride of the institute is the scientific-research inheritance of the art critic, member of the Ukrainian National Artists Union, Honoured Culture Worker, Yuriy Shkriblyak prize laureate Solomchenko Olexiy Hryhoroyych. He is the head of the museum of the institution. Unique works of the whole generations of folk craftsmen of Hutsulshchyna are preserved in it’s found.

In their times famous folk masters, artists, researchers worked there: Sagaidachny E. Y., Varennya M. R., Havrysh V. V., Herasymovych H. Y., Vintonyak M. V., Fedirko M. Y. They rank high in the history of Hutsulshchyna of the II-nd half of XX century.

New names and bright creative persons show up in course of the development of culture and art of our region. The rector of the institute Susak K. R. is among them. Her energetic activity in the scientific-educational field, skillful direction of the teaching-methodic basis of the institution together with the creative work of the pedagogic collective during many years of hard work further the development of the center of artistic education in Hutsulshchyna. Owing to this the institution keeps a deserving place in the state complex program of aesthetic education in Ukraine.

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