Kosiv District General Description

Kosivschyna is one of the most picturesque places in Hutsulschyna. It is the land of fertile fields and meadows, high mountains and rapid streams, fresh air and clean water. It is necessary to mention that this land is rich in mineral water sources.

The peculiarity of this region, its beauty and rich fauna and flora, unique treasury of the natural ecosystems with its rare, relict vegetation and animal species like nowhere else in Ukraine, as well as its folk customs, traditions and crafts have always attracted numerous tourists not only from our own country but also from many other countries too. Being quite habitable the land is a winning place to make trips to by people of all ages and in every season of the year.

Hutsuls folk customs, traditions and crafts

The total area of the region is 968 square km (6.5% of the oblast territory). The population is 88268 people, that is 6.4% from the total number of the citizens of our oblast. The urban population comprises 14552 (16.5%) and the rural — 73716 (83.5%).

The region is situated on the foothills and downhills of the Carpathians. It borders on Snyatyn, Kolomyia, Nadvirna, Verkhovyna regions of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast andVyzshnytsya, Putyla regions of Chernivtsi oblast.

Administrative-territorial Division

  • Town — 1
  • Town type Villages — 2
  • All settlements — 45
  • Local Regional councils — 1
  • Local Urban councils — 1
  • Local Rural councils — 39

60% of the settlements of the region have the status of the mountainous.

The results of the work of the regional agricultural complex for the recent years affirm the achievements of the local economy. The sale of products is increasing annually. Thus, it was increased to 16% during 2010 in comparison to 2009.

Aggregate economic investments are rising as well (in 1.5 times during 2010 if to compare to 2009).

The salary level is going up too. The average salary of the average (office) worker increased to 19.7% in 2010.

We can observe the rising number of small-scale business participants for the recent years. On 01.01.2011 5154 individual entities and 720 corporate entities were registered in Kosiv region.

The Registration chamber and the Leisure Centre helps to create favorable conditions for the business development, simplification of the state registration, as well as the simplification and acceleration of the allowing proceedings at the Regional Administration.

The businessmen of the region collaborate with their partners in Moldova, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany. The exporting products include timber and woodenware, wide range of industrial goods. The importing stuff includes transport means, stone- and gypsum ware, polymeric materials, metals and metal ware.

The land that can be used for agricultural activities in the region is 39,600 hectares (or 44% of the region total area): 30% — arable land, 63.3% — pastures, 7.8% — forests. Mainly the local people are those who are involved in the agricultural production and work in their own home farms, though the region numbers 21 bigger farms.

On the territory of the region there are 7 recreation centres and private boarding houses, 4 resorts, 1 recreation centre for children, 4 hotels, 52 farmsteads.

Transport service in Kosiv region: 28 bus routs inside the region (98 runs per day); 12 interregional and 9 interoblast bus routs. There is a bus rout to the capital (Kosiv-Kyiv).

652 objects of the retail commerce, 141 objects of the public catering, 60 objects of consumer services, 8 markets are functioning in the region. The consumer services offer 19 kinds of their service, 15 for the rural area.

There are 49 culture centres, 50 libraries, 5 children art schools (Kosiv, Kuty, Rozhniv, Yabluniv, Kosmach), 3 museums (Kosiv, Khimchyn, Kuty) in the region. The region is famous for its 32 folk ensembles which are honoured to get the status of the “Narodnyi”and 1 children ensemble honoured as “Model”.

Educational data: in the region there are 55 secondary schools (10109 pupils are studying there); 22 kindergartens (Yutoropy educational centre is included, in general 1355 children are studying in those kindergartens); Kosiv evening school — 546 students; 3 post school institutions.

Medical care service: Kosiv Central Regional Hospital — 360 beds, Yabluniv Regional Hospital — 100 beds, Kuty Local Hospital — 85 beds, Kosmach Hospital — 16 beds, Kosiv T.B. clinic — 80 beds. In the region there are 641 hospital beds. Besides, 10 medical dispensaries offers their medical care service as well. 250 doctors are working in this field, 762 nurses.

In Kosiv district there is the trade technical school №:36 which is specialized in training skilled workers for the national economy: fruit growers, fitters in repairing agricultural machinery and equipment, tractor drivers, drivers, cooks, masters in tiling.

The Institute of Applied and Decorative Art of Lviv National Academy of Arts, whish is in Kosiv, provides training experts of such educational levels as «bachelor», «specialist» in following areas:

  • «Decorative Art» — specialization «Monumental and Decorative painting».
  • «Design» — specialization «Costume design», «Art leather», «Furniture design and wood products», «Graphic design».
  • «Applied and Decorative Arts» — specialization «Artistic woodwork», «Art metal», «Art pottery», «Artistic weaving».

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