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Among sixty secondary schools in the district, ten are schools for pupils of the first grade and twenty-seven are schools for pupils of the first and second grades. There are two boarding schools, as well. Smodnyanska Sanatorium boarding school assists pupils with less than severe cases of tuberculosis and Yabluniv Special Sanatorium boarding school is for pupils who have health issues related to radiation exposure.

There are 22 schools for pupils of the first to eleventh grades. Kosiv School No. 1 works to extend pupil’s knowledge of English. Rozhnivska School has kolehium classes of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and Yavoriv School. Kosiv Evening School is for pupils of the eleventh grade. Finally, there are 13 preschool educational establishments.

Fifty-one educational establishments are situated in countryside. 82% of the pupils, in the district, study in these establishments. Nearly 80% of the schools are situated in mountain settlements.

13,497 pupils study in secondary schools in the district.

In preschool establishments 2,218 children of school age receive additional education services. 658 children are in the preschool establishments.

1,560 pedagogical workers are working in the education establishments of the district. Among them, 1,319 (84.5%) have higher education degrees and 242 have elementary education. Pedagogical workers of the district have achieved high qualification levels. 613 of them are specialists of a high qualification category: 151 teachers were awarded the title of «Teacher-Methodologist» and 271 have the title of «Starshyi Teacher».

In the pedagogical family of the district, 8 teachers have the title of «Honorary Teacher of Ukraine» and 8 were awarded with the Medal of A. S. Makarenka. Finally, 181 have the badge «Vidminnyk Osvity of Ukraine».

In 2002, twenty-four teachers were elected to the district Soviet (government). Two teachers became deputies of the oblast Soviet. This clearly illustrated the rise of authority and status of the teachers in our society.

The teachers and head masters of schools and six methodological accessories worked out twelve author programs. Over fifty books were published with the help of the publishing house «Pysanyi Kamin» (it’s director is the head-master of Yabluniv Secondary School, Vasyl Kuryshchuk). The magazine «Hutsulska Shkola» and the newspaper (from the January 1, 2002 informative-methodological bulletin) «Osvityanskyi Visnyk» are being published. Since 1994 the scientific research laboratory has been working on the problems of Hutsul ethnopedagohiky and hustulshchynosnavstva. There are more than twenty education and methodological education series of «Biblioteka Hutsulskoji Shkoly».

Creative teachers are working in schools of the district: Losyuk P. V., the head-master of Yavoriv secondary school, and Associate of Pedagogical Science, and an Associate APS of Ukraine and winner of the oblast competition «The Educator of the Year».

Works on the concepts of Hutsul schools began under the leadership of Petro Losyuk, of Yavoriv School. Since 1991, this school has worked under the project «Pilot Schools». Here, the education of pupils, deemed «Informatyka» in the lyceum classes, is put into practice Yavoriv Secondary School and the Center for Children’s Creative Power have really become schools of ability.

Yabluniv Secondary School (head-master V. Kuryshchuk) is well known far beyond the borders of the district. In 1999, the school took first place in the oblast for the best organization of educational work. A team of teenagers from this school took part in an All-Ukrainian conference called «The Youth of OON-Ukraina» for the first time. During state testing, the soon-to-be graduates defended their creative works in the humanity disciplines and about what an inscription is done in their school-graduation matriculations.

The educational work in Kobaky secondary school deserves high praise. Here, young ecologists are especially active. Rozhnivska secondary school works well and has shown works including «Kolehium Hutsulshchyna» in the national Kyiv Mohyla Academy.

There are examples of the work of school-farmers of Khimchun Secondary School (head-master P. Rozvadovskyi). In the 2000–2001 school year, young agrarians gathered a harvest from 2.5 hectares; including, beans from one hectare, potatoes from 2.2 hectares and beets, cabbage and cucumbers from 0.3 hectares. The school has it’s own bakery, bee garden, blacksmith’s shop and agricultural technology.

The Kosiv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art occupies a special place in the system of educational establishments. It was formed to teach the traditions of folk art of Hutsulshchyny. In addition, the College of Applied and Decorative Art opened in 2000.

Today, creative personalities continue to appear in the sphere of culture and art in this district. Currently, at the institute, in nine separate departments fifty-six teachers work. 408 students are currently being taught. In addition, since the 2002–2003 school year, students have the opportunity to attend by correspondence.

At the district’s Center for Children’s Creativitiy, children can find many activities, in and out of the classroom, that speak to their soul. Myroslav Sokolyuk, head master of the Center, takes great pains to strengthen the educational and financial base of the Center.

The children of Kosiv’s «Hirske Orlyatko» School (head-master I. Bodnarchuk) have achieved success in many sports. The school celebrated it’s 40-th birthday in 2001. Today, the school specializes in the training of downhill skiing, football (soccer), volleyball, table tennis and chess. 24 teacher-trainers work with the children at this school. Through 57 academic disciplines, these teachers teach 970 pupils from throughout the district.

Pupils of Kosiv Secondary School No. 1, with their physical training teacher and former head master Rostyslavom Martynyukom, participated in an international conference in Chili in 1999. In addition, R. Martynyuk is an active leader of the Ukrainian Scout organization «Plast».

Note The Kosiv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art occupies a special place in the system of educational establishments. It was formed to teach the traditions of folk art of Hutsulshchyna. In addition, the College of Applied and Decorative Art opened in 2000.
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